Where do i start??… the process

Where do i start? It’s simple you……. P.L.A.N

Ask yourself the following questions


P…urpose. What is the purpose of my new bathroom?

  • a) Does it work and just needs a face lift?
  • b) Is it totally nonfunctional and needs a total remodel?


L…ayout. If you answered a) move on to the next heading. If you answered b) then take some time to fix the problems. I will discuss in depth how to fix your layout problems in the next blog.


A…esthetics. This is one of my pleasures in life. I love beautiful things! I will discuss how to get it right later but for now start thinking about the feel you want to create and what works with your home and lifestyle. Check out our gallery and follow us on pinterest for more inspiration.


N…eed. After you have thoroughly sorted the purpose, layout and aesthetics of your new bathroom sit back and review all of the above and ask yourself… ‘Is this what I need?’ My grandma always use to say only buy what you need! If it is then spend the money.


Well have fun with your homework……. I will post the layout blog asap then get on to the fun part – aesthetics.

Oh….. for the love of tiles  ♥

Does your bathroom meet your needs?

Does your bathroom meet your needs?

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