Layout… get it right

Whether this is a new home or a renovation layout is the most important step in creating that perfect bathroom. Don’t waste your money if you are going to end up with something that doesn’t work.

I hate to admit that my first renovation was a whole 2 story house that ended up being a total strip, pretty ambitious for a first time reno junki however i made one mistake: I molded the entire new layout for the ground floor around 1 existing toilet because i was too scared of what it might cost me to move it in the beginning. Well $150,000 later back in 1990 the cost of moving that loo was a bit insignificant.

When clients turn up to our beautiful beach front showroom daunted, yet excited, what do we see upon receiving the plans……… A cut and paste bathroom. 90% of the time the draftsman has drawn up the typical open the door and hit the 0.9 x 0.9 shower cubical encased in all that lovely glass we just love to clean. Shoved next to that is the vanity and then the bath. Don’t these guys realise there are 4 walls in this room and you can use them all.

Typical cut and paste examples i see everyday…

  lay 2

Create wet and dry areas.

Use linear floor wastes

No glass to clean

More open and spacious with bigger shower and vanity area


lay 1

Nib walls separate wet areas from dry.

Nib walls don’t need to go to the ceiling, 0.8 x 1.2m high is perfect

No glass to clean

Move the door to centralise entry or think about a sliding door, you can get some really cool ones nowadays


Well have fun with your layout planning….

NEXT: Aesthetics…. Oh for the love of tiles ♥

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