Part 1

Today as always Fashion is a big money spinner…however just because its the on trend look does not necessarily mean its a good look!!!

I love the hexagonal tile in the featured image – Hex star – marine milk, by Popham design. This hex tile is a custom encaustic cement tile, handmade in Morocco. When you use a hexagonal tile like the featured image you are creating a timeless bespoke look for your home.

However all hexagonal tiles are not created equal and the use of this on point fashion statement needs to be carefully considered.

We all remember the tragic s of the 70’s and 80’s and love to laugh at what was perceived to be cool then ……  well don’t laugh too loud as right now we are seeing some pretty ugly things going on in 2016 and 17


I love  hexagonal tiles but seriously what where they thinking!!!

Don’t fall into the trap when you build or renovate especially when choosing tiles for your project. Ugly choices based of what is currently in fashion will relegate the project to the “must do costly renovation bin “when it comes time to sell a few years down the track.

When embarking on a project ask your self the following…

  • What is the style or story of your overall project?
  • Is what you are about to do in keeping with that?

If it all makes sense then it is most likely going to work. Don’t make choices just because you have seen it in a magazine ……. if they don’t work together then it is going to look out of place….. when it is out of fashion it is going to have to go!!!!

If the creators of the awful laundry pictured above wanted to go with the hex tile as a splash back they should have chosen a satin black to carry the bench up or satin white with a charcoal grout or even mixed the black and white together – as pictured below … the timber shelves still would have worked and they would have got away with the paint selection as well.

Image result for black and white hexagonal tileImage result for black and white hexagonal tileImage result for black hexagonal tile

Beach house tile studio is an Australian supplier of Popham design handmade custom encaustic cement tiles made in Morocco, Queensland supplier servicing Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and far north Queensland with bespoke no tiles the same tiles.

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