Its all about the En caustic, cement tile …fashion victim (part 2 )

Every where we turn we are encourage to spend our hard earned cash on something. Some times its a small investment on a wonderful meal to sate your foodie soul, an amazing handbag for the fashionista in you, or after months of saving – you spend a few weeks globetrotting.

We live in a world where we have time and money to spend on our desires. Food not just to sustain, clothing no-longer just to protect and our homes have become a reflection of our lifestyles and personalities.

We are not spending to survive, it is how we reward ourselves for how hard we work. Most of the time spending money can be easily justified because you get pleasure from what you spend it on.

The single biggest ticket item we will spend money on however is our home so you don’t want to get that wrong !!! Here a few pointers about how to ensure what you spend your money on gives you years of pleasure and happiness.

Its not too tragic if you get a paint colour of wrong. You may have to live with it for awhile and listen to a few I told you so’s before you get round to repaint … its not the worst thing that can happen. My best advice here, if you are unsure… select a few colour’s you think you like and call in the services of a reputable colour consultant. If you are organised and have a pretty good idea about what you want this is the best piece of insurance you can take out to avoid getting it horribly wrong. It might cost you $100 – $150 for an hours consult. You could probably get a few things that are troubling you sorted in that time if you are organised and have an idea of where you are headed.

Renovating bigger ticket items such as kitchens and bathrooms requires research and planning as discussed in I want a new bathroom !!! Where do I start? and Layout… Layout… get it right

Don’t select products just because they are the latest Trend as briefly touched on in FASHION – are you a VICTIM or CONNOISSEUR???   the best advice I can give after 25 years in this industry is… If it doesn’t belong, work or you don’t love it don’t use it!!!

I want all my clients to wake up every-morning for years to come and say “I still love every thing about my home.”

This brings me to my most favorite passion in the world – encaustic tiles, en-caustic tiles, cement tiles, what ever you want to call them or how ever you want to spell it, what are encaustic tiles? I am in love have been for the last 25 years and will remain forever faithful, but are they for you!!!

Encaustic tiles, en-caustic tiles, cement tiles ( Oh whatever!!!) are the fashion statement of 2010-2019. Appearing everywhere from mega million dollar beach front mansions to that first home renovation. Sadly many projects using these amazing tiles will be relegated to the reno bin in the not too distant future. Home lovers around the world will wake up one day and say “OMG what have I done ???? ….. this just has to go !!!”

Why??? You may ask yourself … the answer is simple, wrong product, did not work in the first place, was a cheap copy that had no merit….. Just like that Mexican Fad in the 80’s and 90’s leaving homes all over Australia littered with imitation terracotta tiles, and lets not talk about the marine holocaust reaped upon us in the 2000’s there are still many happy blue and yellow fish swimming around bathroom walls today because it it too expensive to fix.

First rule to getting it right, choose carefully, ensure everything works and tells a story – then you will create one of those timeless spaces with a forever “Wow I love this space” … feeling and you can achieve this by using what I fear is soon to become the much maligned en-caustic tile if you select the right one.

En caustic tiles by Popham design is the only way to go to avoid the trap many others are facing. This is not a sales pitch because Beach house tile studio is a Popham Australia tile supplier. It is a statement based on many, many years of interior design experience.

We sold encaustic tiles from the dutch for years before I discovered the wonderful world of Popham. We were probably one of the first importers of encaustic tiles back in the mid 90,s our old showroom floor in Byron Bay was tiled using them in 1996. Sadly while the dutch cement tiles were beautifully made they had limited use in Australia from a design point of view.

The Dutch encaustic tiles were old traditional designs using colours of the past and whilst some of the designs worked for renovating old Queenslanders in Bangalow, and tiling tradition style villas in Byron Bay they had limited interior design suitability.

Then came Pop ham design. I still remember clearly the Friday arvo I first laid eyes on these. I did not want to go home. The touch, the feel and the colours ……. OMG to die for! I call them my venus fly traps …once you see and touch them there is no other tile for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is so amazing about Popham encaustic tiles is we use them to tell your story not dictate to or over power your project. You choose what you love … design, colour and shape blending to create the perfect custom handmade tile for your space. The added bonus is they are genuinely a handmade tileMorocco by an artisan works shop so you are getting a modern take on a tradition that had its revival in Medieval times.

Lets talk about the colours, Pophams colour pallet is created using natural pigments combined with crushed marble dust and cement. You will never see a more amazing pallet.

Popham colour pallet

Colour pallet for customisation of designs

Once you have selected from the amazing colour pallet a whole world of design possibilities opens up….which handmade, customised, encaustic tile by Popham design best suits my project?

I look forward to presenting to you the most amazing designs for you custom tile project in my next update. Supplier of Moroccan tiles Australia

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