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Summer days…baby hex in mixed blues with a pop of milk

We have recently had the pleasure of working with a wonderful client renovating their beach front home. The client choice of baby hex by Popham in mixed blues of marine, fjord indigo and milk along with their choices of cabinetry in matt white and V J paneling created a relaxed, practical beach house ambiance.#cementtiles #encaustictiles […]
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Cool Pool

Whenever you build there is always the unexpected….the installation of this pool met all the unexpected. Early days of the project they hit the water table, quick thinking by the pool builder Ben from All Coast Pools avoided costly solutions to this problem by raising the pool above the ground. This created the opportunity for […]
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Bringing Fun in to your kids room!

Scribble Petal is a fantastic tile keeping with the fun elements of your kids bedroom or play space. Choosing your own Tailor Made colourway will add that personal touch…

Polka Dots make the space

Who would have thought polka dots would work in such a minimalistic space….such a clever use of customised tiles

Layout… get it right

Whether this is a new home or a renovation layout is the most important step in creating that perfect bathroom. Don’t waste your money if you are going to end up with something that doesn’t work. I hate to admit that my first renovation was a whole 2 story house that ended up being a […]
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Here now …. Rough sawn timber tile range

Here now ….. ‘rough sawn’ Italian timber tiles The best quality artistry and glazing produces a realistic timber tile that fools everyone except you!!! You are no longer the fool spending you valuable weekends maintaining your property…. you are off to the beach enjoying life. Available in several sizes, creating the basis for original, sophisticated […]
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Project: salt october 2014

Our client just sent us these pics of her new feature wall in her entry. How beautiful!!! These tiles are Italian 100x100mm and come as 5 designs mixed in each box and are available in 6 colours.  

I want a new bathroom !!! Where do I start?

Most of us at some stage of our lives come to the realisation that our home needs some work. this realisation can come about for the following reasons. You find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and walking down the hallway to the bathroom because your too scared to use your en […]
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