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Love this Pool…

pictured a stunning Delft blue handmade custom en caustic Moroccan tiles by Popham, designed and supplied by us. we make your dreams come true.


Popham design continue to raise the bar with their latest designs. I am so in love with these tiles – ¬†they are all that keeps me sane in my high pressure job. So much fun assisting lovely clients with selecting Popham design for their next project. Beach house tile studio are specialists in handmade and […]
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Part 1 Today as always Fashion is a big money spinner…however just because its the on trend look does not necessarily mean its a good look!!! I love the hexagonal tile in the featured image – Hex star – marine milk, by Popham design. This hex tile is a custom encaustic cement tile, handmade in […]
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Cool Pool

Whenever you build there is always the unexpected….the installation of this pool met all the unexpected. Early days of the project they hit the water table, quick thinking by the pool builder Ben from All Coast Pools avoided costly solutions to this problem by raising the pool above the ground. This created the opportunity for […]
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Halcyon House – the ultimate luxury beachfront escape

I love working with discerning clients, the owners of Halcyon House were no exception. Their amazing luxury retreat beach front on Cabarita beach has fast become a world renown place to stay. The clients selection of handmade customised en-caustic tiles in the Target Hex design completes this amazing eclectic renovation.

Not Just a pretty face…

More and more home & business owners are opting for a more eco friendly approach to the initial build of their homes and tiles are no exception. Beach House Tile Studio offer a range of eco friendly tiles that not only look beautiful, but allow the home owner or business to really do their bit […]
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Bringing Fun in to your kids room!

Scribble Petal is a fantastic tile keeping with the fun elements of your kids bedroom or play space. Choosing your own Tailor Made colourway will add that personal touch…

Polka Dots make the space

Who would have thought polka dots would work in such a minimalistic space….such a clever use of customised tiles

Project: September 2014

‘photo’s never do it justice’ Client used our driftwood timber tiles 250×1300 with Spanish glazed satin white walls and a splash of handmade Moroccan en-caustics in the back of the niche. SUMMER DAYS BEACH HOUSE    

Layout… get it right

Whether this is a new home or a renovation layout is the most important step in creating that perfect bathroom. Don’t waste your money if you are going to end up with something that doesn’t work. I hate to admit that my first renovation was a whole 2 story house that ended up being a […]
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